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rockastep or dubabilly? [19 Jan 2008|06:09pm]

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Godfather of Grime in NYC - this FRIDAY!! Wiley & MRK 1 [20 Nov 2007|03:07am]
hey this is my biggest show IN MY LIFE!! - this is a totaly mile stone!! i booked this show at the knitting factory. please everyone who knows me, of me or about me come out!! this is Wiley's first SOLO appearance and his FIRST and only US DATE this year!!! come out and support this shiet.



WILEY - Roll Deep, Eskibeat Recordings - London, UK

MRK 1 - Virus Syndicate - Manchester, UK

MESSIAH - Twisted Beats - Manchester, UK

KEITH P - Unit.One, Dub Assembly - Dallas


ZINC LARYNX - Manchester, UK

KIDDER WALDREN - Manchester, UK http://www.myspace.com/waldren

TINY - Unit.One, Dallas

Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St.
BTWN Broadway and Church St.
All Ages - Doors at 10:30

WIN TICKETS FROM OTHER MUSIC by EMAILING giveaway@othermusic.com

15 E. 4th st. / btwn Broadway and Lafayette

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new old music [23 Sep 2007|11:12am]
soo the last few weeks i been downloading a lot of 50s and 60s detroit soul music as well as 50s rockabilly stuff. I've always wanted to know more about this era of music, but never knew what to search for until a friend recently gave me some artist to look up. its fucking great!!

last night i went to a soul/60s vintage rock night in brooklyn. at glasslands. the DJ was New York Night Train. I went by myself and I had a great time. I am totally into this shiet and feel i can incorporate it into a good dj set/night in a the future.

oh did i tell you I WANT TO BE A DJ and I NEED an IPOD. *shakes head hahaha. well until next time lates.
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RICHIE VIBE VEE'S LAST BROADCAST on BBC 1xtra NOW!! [05 Sep 2007|02:54pm]


So back in October 2003 in Dallas, Unit.One brought DJ Richie Vibe Vee from Swansea Whales to the Red Jacket. It was Richie Vibe Vee first stateside appeareace. Supporting acts were, then known as Soulfonik aka Keith P and Jason Mundo. It has been awhile since that show and since then, Richie has gone and toured around the world, release various bootleg remixes, and legit tracks. He has a weekly radio show on new URBAN Music station BBC 1xtra.

Tomorrow will be the last LIVE broadcast for Richie Vee. Please everyone, who knows Unit.One and everything that we have been promoting, knows that Richie Vee was one of the main promoters/DJs in the UK Garage, 2step, Grime, 4×4 scene. If you want a lesson in what started Unit.One in the first place, check out this show. respects to Richie Vee for Grinding it out and leaving a mark on new URBAN MUSIC!


Easy yallTomorrow (Sept. 5th 07) will be my last time presenting the Blueprint show on 1Xtra. After 5 years my time at the station is drawing to a close and it’s been a great experience. Thankyou to everyone who I’ve met along the way and helped me build my broadcasting skills. Big up to 1Xtra staff, producers, artists, and most importantly the listeners.

So the last show goes out tomorrow evening at 7pm (GMT), tune in at www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra. You can text or email the studio for any shouts, big ups, messgaes etc

Text: 88111 Email: richievee@bbc.co.uk

Stay locked to myspace to find out my future plans and what direction I’m heading in next. Info coming soon.

Thankyou and god bless!

Richie Vibe Vee


Richie Vibe Vee - 24 Dark Mix Master

Richie Vibe Vee - Exclusive mix 2003

Richie Vibe Vee live on BBC 1xtra - 10/31/2003

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live is good [31 Aug 2007|03:32pm]
life is good. even though i dont have a job, money, or someone to sleep next to at night i am loving my life. hanging out with people, meeting the right people to move yourself up. its great. new york is hard, but i will overcome.

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Tracklistings for upcoming mixtape [28 Aug 2007|01:21am]

so these are the tracks i chose to put on a mixtape that im doing. This one is going to go to a friend of mine that has a show on Scion radio and hopefully he uses it for his show, but we'll see. DONT BE STEALING DISS SHIET. I am just hyped about it.

1. Dungen - Glomd Konst Kommer Stundom - Komoda records
2. Fucked Up vs Justice - Stress
3. Justice - Stress - Vice Records
3. King Amir -  Samir's Theme (Eric E Extend)
4. M.I.A - XR2 - XL Recordings 
5. Kano ft. Vibez Kartel - Buss it up - 679 Recordings
6. Ms. Dynamite - My Style
7. M.I.A - Bamboo Banger - XL Recordings
8. Micheal Jackson - Billie Jean (Akala Frestyle)
9. David E Sugar - Oi, New York This is London - Hotchip ft. Ragga Twins
10. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert - XL Recordings
11. Moloko - Sing it Back
12. Digitalism - Pogo - Kitsune
13. Van She - Mission - Modular

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stressin me the fuckout [19 Aug 2007|10:18pm]

shiet sucks. stressing me the fuck out, but i shouldn't worry. i should be "i got 99 problems and a bitch aint one, hit me." buut damn. well she's happy and im kinda happy. no im not. who am i foolin. im depressed. work is going great, but im not making any sort of money. bleeeh. i like doing what im doing, but its hard when there is no money coming in. 

my week in in review - i will start on today and then work my way back, cause i dont have a very good memory.

Sunday 8/19 - woke up at 11 and went to home depot to buy a door and some pipe and flange to make a happy little desk for myself. :) Wen't to McCarren Pool with Jack. We saw, Yauht, Kid Sister, SpankRock, Cool Kids, The Rub and Ghostland observatory for FREE. Ending up hanging with the new intern Samantha as well. she was with GABE. she is coo. 

jack, her and I hit up buffalo and I found a pair of NIke SBs and went to Brooklyn Industries to buy a jacket cause it was cold and i was gonnah get sick. I feel, I think im getting a cold. bleeh. but whateva. Met up with Rose and her friend, Adam, stephen and we all went to eat Japanese food. it was dope. I had Udon Soup, with Shrimp tempera. yes, I guess ome consider that meat, but whateva. I still don't eat pork, beef, chicken or turkey, i guess sea food is lighter. Jack and I then went to the MAC store off 59th and he got the new iMAC. I am fucking jealous.

Saturday 8/18
 - didn't go to dubwar, woke up at 5ish and hung out with crystal. ate pizza on the roof

Friday 8/17- Had my interview with Ben Goldberg, the manager of Beruit and label owner of Bada Big Records for a "paid Internship" once a week. I think i got it. we'll see. went to vice and worked for 3 hours. Gabe(Vice's head of Sales for Records) said he might could get me an interview for a Street Team project manager job at Matador. got off early and hung out with crystal in the park and went to go see Electroma at the Sunshine theatre in NYC. it was dope by the way, for the 2nd time. First time on a big screen.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Knitting Factory internship. :)


Monday - Vice Records internship

Tuesday - Knitting Factory until 5 or so and then go to Brooklyn Industries for a REAL JOB, and then maybe PURPLE RAIN at MCCARREN Pool or Riverboat Gamblers at the Knit

Wednesday, Thursday, - Knitting Factory Internship

Friday - Work at BROOKLYN INDUSTRIES 2-10

Between all this I will be out trying to find myself a job.


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DAFT PUNK's ELECTROMA in DALLAS [16 Aug 2007|09:58pm]

more info at 
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Bad Dream [29 Jul 2007|10:39am]
[ mood | confused ]

I just had the worse dream ever in my whole life. It was my first dream of Mary since I who knows how long. Maybe its the combination of all night partying and alcohol that caused me to have this dream. I really don't have many dreams about her. Once I think about it, I don't really dream about her.

Anyways, it goes like this and I've already forgotten how it has lead up to this, but I ended up meeting up with a really really pretty girl who supposely worked with me. I am assuming in the dream I am still in NYC and Mary and I have not restored our relationship to be in the same city to be with each other. In the dream I think Mary and I were still working out the long distance relationship. I don't really know how long I have been in NYC but it seemed it was for awhile. Anyways, I come back to this girls Manhattan apartment and realize it was a bit bigger than I expected. I can't recall how old she was or where I was working at the time, but I just know we met each other at work and decided to hang out.

Well, we went back to her apartment for some reason and it seemed that her boyfriend or something had just left her or had left her awhile back and she was still living with her. I am not really sure. Its kind of a blur. Anyways, I walk in, sit on the couch and she pulls the sheets from somewhere and makes me smell them. She ask me "what does this smell like," and I'm like "I don't know what does it smell like." She tells me, "Someone has been having sex." I know that really sounds gross, but thats what happen in the dream. I think the mood kind of started to get a bit somber and we started to comfort each other. Next thing I know I am kissing this girl and it just felt kind of right but wrong. We were both were about to cheat on our significant others on each other.

All of a sudden, this girl is feeling really emotional and like reassures me if we were doing the right thing, and she starts talking about some kind of funeral. Saying, "well we can't have the funeral reception in the backyard at my parents house, we will have to have it somewhere else." I ask her, "hey, I know we just met at work and I talk to you and whatever, but I'm really sorry, who died?" Then she said, "Mary." After she said that, my chest just caved in and this feeling I have never felt before came over me. I started crying and before a tear could shed, I found myself walking in the street in Brooklyn.

Either this went to another dream or it was part of the same dream, but next thing I know, the "next scene," I am walking down Berry and N11 area in Brooklyn near Beacons closet and the Brooklyn Brewery. It is way in the future, because there were people around, more people around and I am handing a needle to someone to my left and smoking a cigarette in my right.. I was thinking, "wow, I better, put that needle in some kind of case."

I woke after that and lied there for a bit, and txt Mary. I want to call really bad, but its about 9 or so in the morn in Austin. She is in Austin with a couple of friends right now and I don't want to spoil her fun. I am sure she is sleeping anyways.

Anyone who knows me knows that me doing drugs and smoking ciggerettes is not me. So my life in the dream had gotten so bad that I was shooting heroin and smoking.

By the way, I haven't posted this thing in forever. I think I am trying to post more often since I am living in NYC. Just to document my time here. I am going to read through past entries now. :) probably look at Mary's entries as well. hope I don't find anything I don't want in there.


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GRIME SCENE SERIES on MTV2 USA - BRAP [18 Apr 2006|10:03am]

a series about grime has been recently aired on MTV 2, but if you missed it here is the link.

It has Videos featuring Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Skepta and JME. They all talk about the scene and their influences and more. Also word is that lady sov and roll deep and others will be added shortly, so keep up with the link for updates. go check it out.


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[13 Apr 2006|06:12pm]
to the peeps who subribe to blogs and read them daily. here is a new one from me and the Unit One crew

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[30 Mar 2006|11:52pm]
ifyou are in dallas....come check out this BIG VICE RECORDS party this SUNDAY AT the homebar!!! BRAP

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[24 Mar 2006|12:38pm]

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Grommit, Keith P & TiNy playing in AUSTIN TONIGHT @ PLUSH-GRIME/DUBSTEP [15 Mar 2006|10:15am]
We met Grommit last night and found out that he will be playing dubstep, grime and drum and bass tonight at Plush. Keith will be playing along and will MAKE YOU SMASH BEER BOTTLES!! So all AUSTIN/SXSW heads come out and watch us MURK YOUR MUM!!! NO WASTEMEN or WASTEGASHES ALLOWED!!!BRAP BRAP!!!

617 Red River austin tx

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feeling so behind... [07 Feb 2006|01:38pm]
: /

im at school, feeling really behind in life. i get these slumps every now and then.
i got back last night from colorado. went snowboarding with my brothers. it was dope. i caught on pretty quick. first day fell a lot buuuuut not bad falls. second and third day was smoooth. i guess my brother hai paid both my and my other brothers way to have one last brother bonding trip which was really coo of him. anyways, just feeling really down for some reason. hope everything is alright with everyone out there in internet land. blaaaaaaaaaah. ez
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out to keith p [29 Dec 2005|01:23am]
not sure if you saw this

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for all your grime needs [14 Nov 2005|05:16pm]

or check out the UKG vs DnB set brought to you by the BBC 1xtra

there are 3 rounds...

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

tracklisitngs for the UKG vs DnB

Dizzee Rascal - Jus A Rascal (UKG Remix)
Dizzee Rascal - Jus A Rascal (DnB Remix)
Potential Badboy ft Fats - Girls (Ganja)
Plan B ft Purple - Broken Wings (True Tiger)
Jenna G - Quick Love (Bingo Beats)
Skibadee - Homegrown (White)
Bashy - Never See It (White)
Clipz - There You Go (Full Cycle)
Terra Danjah, 2Nice & Skepta - (Aftershock)
Clipz - Forward Thinking (Ful Cycle)
Dynasty - Bareface (White)
Zinc - Steppin Stone (Remix)
Slew Dem - Grime (White)
Deadly - Phase (White)
A Sides - Take The Roof Off (White)
Zinc & Jenna G - (Bingo)
Firecamp - No (Relentless)
Jenna G - Quick Love (Bingo Beats)
Die & Clipz - Good Ol Days (Full Cycle)
D'Explicit - Blazer (White)
Soundclash - The Massive (White)
D'Explicit - Bars (White)
DJ Evil - English Beat (White)
Gype Riddim (White)
Potential Badboy ft Fats - B Sides (Ganja)
Bashy - Pryin (White)
Ebony Dubsters - Warning (White)
Adam F - Smash Sumthin (Def Jam)
Fallacy & Fusion - The Groundbreaker (White)
The Prodigy - Firestarter (XL)
Scandalous Unltd, Shaym, Wiley, B Line& Purple - Money Can't Buy (True Tiger)
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[11 Nov 2005|01:30am]
why do i feel so blaaaah and unmotivated. i was feeling fine at urbn working buut my suroundings and enviorment at home just made me feel i am not going anywhere.

just got the new FADERs in. respects

kanye west afterparty the 26th of november. keep here to stay updated.

ez im gone to bed
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optical turntable interface for musical performance [02 Nov 2005|07:45pm]
shiet is crazy....


stumbled upon this......
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