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So back in October 2003 in Dallas, Unit.One brought DJ Richie Vibe Vee from Swansea Whales to the Red Jacket. It was Richie Vibe Vee first stateside appeareace. Supporting acts were, then known as Soulfonik aka Keith P and Jason Mundo. It has been awhile since that show and since then, Richie has gone and toured around the world, release various bootleg remixes, and legit tracks. He has a weekly radio show on new URBAN Music station BBC 1xtra.

Tomorrow will be the last LIVE broadcast for Richie Vee. Please everyone, who knows Unit.One and everything that we have been promoting, knows that Richie Vee was one of the main promoters/DJs in the UK Garage, 2step, Grime, 4×4 scene. If you want a lesson in what started Unit.One in the first place, check out this show. respects to Richie Vee for Grinding it out and leaving a mark on new URBAN MUSIC!


Easy yallTomorrow (Sept. 5th 07) will be my last time presenting the Blueprint show on 1Xtra. After 5 years my time at the station is drawing to a close and it’s been a great experience. Thankyou to everyone who I’ve met along the way and helped me build my broadcasting skills. Big up to 1Xtra staff, producers, artists, and most importantly the listeners.

So the last show goes out tomorrow evening at 7pm (GMT), tune in at www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra. You can text or email the studio for any shouts, big ups, messgaes etc

Text: 88111 Email: richievee@bbc.co.uk

Stay locked to myspace to find out my future plans and what direction I’m heading in next. Info coming soon.

Thankyou and god bless!

Richie Vibe Vee


Richie Vibe Vee - 24 Dark Mix Master

Richie Vibe Vee - Exclusive mix 2003

Richie Vibe Vee live on BBC 1xtra - 10/31/2003

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