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stressin me the fuckout

shiet sucks. stressing me the fuck out, but i shouldn't worry. i should be "i got 99 problems and a bitch aint one, hit me." buut damn. well she's happy and im kinda happy. no im not. who am i foolin. im depressed. work is going great, but im not making any sort of money. bleeeh. i like doing what im doing, but its hard when there is no money coming in. 

my week in in review - i will start on today and then work my way back, cause i dont have a very good memory.

Sunday 8/19 - woke up at 11 and went to home depot to buy a door and some pipe and flange to make a happy little desk for myself. :) Wen't to McCarren Pool with Jack. We saw, Yauht, Kid Sister, SpankRock, Cool Kids, The Rub and Ghostland observatory for FREE. Ending up hanging with the new intern Samantha as well. she was with GABE. she is coo. 

jack, her and I hit up buffalo and I found a pair of NIke SBs and went to Brooklyn Industries to buy a jacket cause it was cold and i was gonnah get sick. I feel, I think im getting a cold. bleeh. but whateva. Met up with Rose and her friend, Adam, stephen and we all went to eat Japanese food. it was dope. I had Udon Soup, with Shrimp tempera. yes, I guess ome consider that meat, but whateva. I still don't eat pork, beef, chicken or turkey, i guess sea food is lighter. Jack and I then went to the MAC store off 59th and he got the new iMAC. I am fucking jealous.

Saturday 8/18
 - didn't go to dubwar, woke up at 5ish and hung out with crystal. ate pizza on the roof

Friday 8/17- Had my interview with Ben Goldberg, the manager of Beruit and label owner of Bada Big Records for a "paid Internship" once a week. I think i got it. we'll see. went to vice and worked for 3 hours. Gabe(Vice's head of Sales for Records) said he might could get me an interview for a Street Team project manager job at Matador. got off early and hung out with crystal in the park and went to go see Electroma at the Sunshine theatre in NYC. it was dope by the way, for the 2nd time. First time on a big screen.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Knitting Factory internship. :)


Monday - Vice Records internship

Tuesday - Knitting Factory until 5 or so and then go to Brooklyn Industries for a REAL JOB, and then maybe PURPLE RAIN at MCCARREN Pool or Riverboat Gamblers at the Knit

Wednesday, Thursday, - Knitting Factory Internship

Friday - Work at BROOKLYN INDUSTRIES 2-10

Between all this I will be out trying to find myself a job.


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